We welcome interested users to contribute to this blog. If you have a wordpress account, kindly leave a comment on the blog on your interests and how you wish to contribute. More the merrier — let us make this blog a very useful resource for learning Samskrit.

If you are familiar with wordpress, contributing is a breeze.
To become an author please send an e-mail to: himanshu.pota@gmail.com.

You are welcome to blog in English.

How to blog in Samskrit?

There are several software available for unicode writing, the best of which, is possibly Itranslator2003. You can download the software from http://www.omkarananda-ashram.org/Sanskrit/itranslator2003.htm. It might take a while before you master the ITRANS scheme for transliteration, but it's indeed useful.

So, download ITranslator 2003 and get started. If you need any help, do not fail to leave a comment on this blog!

(a) Convert Sanskrit text in Roman script to Devanagari at: http://www.iit.edu/~laksvij/language/index.html
(b) Copy and paste it in wordpress blog. 

For detailed notes: http://www.ee.adfa.edu.au/staff/hrp/personal/Sanskrit-External/unicodenotes.html

संस्कृतं शिक्षामहै !