दिष्ट्या (fortunately, thank god)

दिष्ट्या – (fortunately, thank god) अव्यय

दिष्ट्या प्रतिहतं दुर्जातं  (मालतीमाधवे) – Thankfully, the evil is averted 

दिष्ट्या कोपव्याजेन देव्या परित्रातो भवान्  (मालविकाग्निमित्रे) – Thank god, you are saved by the queen under the pretext of anger 

दिष्ट्या शकुन्तला साध्वी सदपत्यमिदं भवान्

श्रद्धा वित्तं विधिश्चेति त्रितयं तत्समागतम् ।।    (अभिज्ञानशाकुन्तले)

The virtuous Śakuntala, her noble child and your Honor – the triad of faith, fortune and performance are all luckily united here.

दिष्ट्या वृध् – to congratulate (one) upon

दिष्ट्या धर्मपत्नीसमागमेन पुत्रमुखदर्शनेन चायुष्मान्वर्धते  (अभिज्ञानशाकुन्तले)

I congratulate  the long lived one upon reunion with his lawful wife and upon seeing the face of his son.

दिष्ट्या महाराजो विजयेन वर्धते (विक्रमोर्वशीये) – I congratulate your Majesty upon your success

दिष्ट्या सुहृद् बुद्ध्या वर्धितोऽसि  (मालतीमाधवे) – I congratulate you upon your friend’s recovery (from the swoon)

२०१९-०९-२५ बुधवासरः (2019-09-25 Wednesday)

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