सुहृदः बन्धुभिः समानमानान् (Friends as if they commanded respect due to relatives)

सुहृदः बन्धुभिः समानमानान् इति अपि अत्र बन्धुभिः इत्यस्मिन् तृतीयाविभक्तिः तुल्यार्थैरतुलोपमाभ्यां तृतीयाऽन्यतरस्याम्॥२।३।७२॥ इत्यनेन सूत्रेण भवति।
रामनाथशर्मा वर्यः स्वपुस्तके लिखति –
Note that Panini did not have to use the word artha with tulya to indicate items having the sense of tulya, since he uses tulyaartha in the plural. If he meant just the form, he should have used the singular, as is his normal practice. Since he uses the plural, there must be some special purpose. What could that be? The purpose is to accept only those synonyms of tulya which could qualify as synonumous without any cooccurrence condition. Because of this coorrurrnce exclusion, forms such as iva will not be treated as valid.
रामनाथशर्मणः महोदयस्य किं तात्पर्यम् अस्ति अहं न बोधामि। कृपया बोधयतु।

२०१८-०३-११ रविवासरः (2018-03-11 Sunday)