Application Name:
Amaram – Sanskrit Reference – Nouns, Verbs (Dhatus)

First iOS application for searching all Dhatus, verbs, nouns, words in sanskrit and also provides all lakara forms of those Dhatus (verbs).

1. Compact Spoken Sanskrit Dictionary
Lists all simple and easy words used for sanskrit conversation. It has collection of all the basic sanskrit words. User can search in sanskrit or english.

2. Search for sanskrit verbs and their forms (dhatu, lakaras)
Lists all sanskrit dhatus and their lakara forms. User can search any dhatu by its dhatu or any of its lakara form to get its full details.

3. Search for sanskrit nouns and their forms (Shabda, vibhakthi)
Lists all vibhakti forms for all Pulinga, Strilinga, Napumsakalinga and Sarvanama Padas.

This app is must to have for the people of all the categories from beginner to experts. Also this app has become one of the favourites for many sanskrit lovers. There are more planned features and content. They are on their way.


Please revert in case if you need any more details.

Ashok Raja CM