गणेशराजीवयोः युद्धम् (The Battle of Ganesh and Rajiv)

कृपया एतौ द्वौ निबन्धौ पठितव्यम्। श्रीगणेश उवाचhttp://www.sandeepweb.com/the-bhagavad-gita-before-the-battle/ तत् परं श्रीराजीव उवाचhttp://beingdifferentforum.blogspot.com.au/2016/03/rajiv-malhotras-preliminary-response-to.html
राजीवस्य लेखे तस्य कांश्चित् शब्दान् ध्यातव्यम्।
For the global battlefield, what would be the relevant experience equivalent to his 1,000 avadhanas? I submit it is the experience of going into the line of enemy fire, surrounded by a hundred opponents or even more, and being able to hold one’s ground, and come out wiser for the next encounter. I have had these (well over 1,000) live experiences in audiences where I have been the only Indian or Hindu, where there is blatant intimidation and mockery, where every attempt has been made to belittle such attempts, and where I had nothing personal to gain and all my reputation and social credibility to lose.
मन्ये राजीवः न अस्ति स्वामिविवेकानन्दः इति किन्तु यथा अहं स्वामिविवेकानन्दस्य पीडाम् अनुभवामि तथा एव राजीवस्य पीडाम् अपि अनुभवामि। राजीव त्वां वर्धापयामि वर्धस्व विजयस्व शतं जीव चिरं जीव दीर्घायुर्भव आयुष्मान् भव विजयी भव शिवास्ते पन्थानः सन्तु शुभमस्तु मङ्गलमस्तु।

२०१६-०३-२७ रविवासरः (2016-03-27 Sunday)