सम्भाषाणसंस्कृतशृखला (Spoken Sanskrit Series)

अभिनववर्यः लिखति –
Namaste mahodayaH,
Wanted to share this with you all: I have been featured in a new initiative at Columbia University called “Spoken Sanskrit Series.” Directed by my good friend Yang Qu, it is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) series aimed at introducing this seemingly intimidating language in a very approachable and accessible way. By producing this video, we would like to take part in the Sanskrit Revival Movement and spread awareness about this ancient mother language, so rich in color and culture.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could help spread the word, and share this video to as many kAryakartas, friends, and relatives if possible!
Please find below the link to the video:
We aim to make a few more episodes in the future, teaching people (globally) the basics of Sanskrit conversation in a fun and casual manner.
In addition, I would love to have your valuable thoughts on this.
jayatu jayatu samskRtam!

२०१६-०२-०५ शुक्रवासरः (2016-02-05 Friday)