बीजगणित समस्या (Algebra Problem)

वनान्तराले प्लवगाष्टभागः संवर्गितो वल्गति जातरागः ।
ब्रूत्कारनादप्रतिनादहृष्टा दृष्टा गिरौ द्वादश ते कियन्तः ।।

One eighth of a troop of monkeys, squared, was sporting in the forest; the remaining twelve could be seen on the hill, chattering with one another. How many monkeys were there in all?

(x/8)**2 + 12 = x; therefore, x = 48 or 16

२०१५-२७-११ शुक्रवासरः (2015-27-11 Friday)