उदयपुरनगरे बृहत्तमं दूरनेत्रम् (Largest Telescope in Udaipur)

भारतस्य बृहत्तमं दूरनेत्रम् अद्य उदयपुरनगरे उद्घाटितम्। बाल्यकालात् प्रभृति एकादशवर्षदेशीयं यावत् अहं उदयपुरनगरे न्यवसम्। तत् परं पिलानीग्रामे तत् परं सूरतनगरे तत् परं बेङ्गलुरुनगरे तत् परं मुम्बईनगरे तत् परं मया वनवासः प्राप्तः।

Solar Observatory, Udaipur (Photo Courtesy Flickr)
Solar Observatory, Udaipur
(Photo Courtesy Flickr)

२०१५-०८-०४ मङ्गलवासरः (2015-08-04 Tuesday)


2 thoughts on “उदयपुरनगरे बृहत्तमं दूरनेत्रम् (Largest Telescope in Udaipur)

  1. The news item has Prof UR Rao’s name in it. God, dont these people ever retire? UR Rao has got to be at least 80. Is it that these people are so indispensable which I find impossible to believe in a nation of 1Billion people or is it that these people find some way of perpetuating themselves in their positions (like the Politburo of the Soviet Union) until they die? His main claim to fame was that he was in charge of the launch of ‘Aryabhata’. That was in 1975.

    Another such story is the National Institute of Advanced studies ( http://www.nias.res.in/). It seems like it was conceived as a retirement plan for aging scientists like Raja Ramanna. But it continues to serve other geriatric specimens from TIFR, BARC etc.


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