कपिलसिब्बलवर्यः (Mr Kapil Sibbal)

कपिलसिब्बलवर्यः अकथयत् वायुलहरीणां निःशुल्कविक्रये भारतीयवित्तकोषं कापि हानिः न अभवत् इति। पश्यतु इदानीं सघोषविक्रये भारतीयवित्तकोषं कथम् आयः भवति, कृपया पठतु – The government had received bids worth about Rs 94,000 crore ($15 billion) by the end of auctioning on Monday after five days of bidding, according to a notification from the Department of Telecommunications. (http://businesstoday.intoday.in/story/spectrum-auction-bharti-airtel-vodafone-reliance-comm/1/216764.html)

२०१५-०३-१० मङ्गलवासरः (2015-03-10 Tuesday)