अधुनैव कर्तव्यम् (Install this right NOW)

This is a message from Vishvas on a Sanskrit group. Install this right away and also install stardict if you haven’t already done so. It takes less than five minutes and it will be the best Sanskrit learning asset you ever had. All the best.

Vishvasji’s message:

नमो नमः।

श्रीमता गिरीशमहाभागेन तत्सहोद्योगिभिश् च
http://sanskrit.jnu.ac.in/tinanta/tinanta.jsp?t=45 इत्यत्र प्रकाशितानि
(~४४० धातूनां) तिङन्तरूपाणि अधुना stardict सञ्चिका रूपेणोपलभ्यन्ते।

Example outputs:
Looking up “जग्मुः” yields (have to search using unicode Devanagari script):
From jnu-tiNanta
गम्लृ (गतौ, भ्वादिगण, परस्मै, लिट्)
जगाम जग्मतुः जग्मुः
जगमिथ जग्मथुः जग्म
जगाम जग्मिव जग्मिम

Looking up गम्लृ yields (nearly) all lakAra-s.

Android phone screenshots: http://goo.gl/BKsgAo http://goo.gl/YqkoBh

The dictionary (and the associated spreadsheet) are available here:​

Installation using the improved
is simple if you have an android (version 5+) phone .

Vishvas /विश्वासः