चिञ् चयने (To arrange in order)

चिञ् इति धातुः स्वादिगणी उभयपदी धातुः अस्ति।
सः चिनोति। तौ चिनुतः। ते चिन्वन्ति। त्वं चिनोषि। युवां चिनुथः। यूयं चिनुथ। अहं चिनोमि। आवां चिन्वः। वयं चिन्मः।
अस्मात् धातोः उपचयः इति वृधिः अर्थे अपचयः इति क्षयः अर्थे इमौ शब्दौ भवतः।
इदानीं विनिमये रुप्प्यकाणां मूल्ये अपचयः भवति किन्तु डोलरस्य मूल्ये उपचयः भवति।
इदानीं विनिमये रुप्प्यकाणां मुल्यम् अपचिनोति/अपचीयते। किन्तु डोलरस्य मूल्यम् उपचिनोति।

२०१२-०५-२६ शनिवासरः (2012-05-26 Saturday)

2 thoughts on “चिञ् चयने (To arrange in order)

  1. चि – 1 To collect, gather, accumulate (said to govern two accusatives being a द्विकर्मक root, but this use is very rare in classical literature), वृक्षं पुष्पाणि चिन्वती. -2 To gather for oneself, acquire, gather.

    This is transitive verb and also as given by Apte double object द्विकर्मक also. Its use is dissimilar to English verb to increase (which has got both transitive and intransitive usages). Intransitive usage is equal to वर्धते and transitive usage is somewhate similar to this verb. The increased the number of boys – ते बालानां संख्यामुपचिन्वन्ति could hardly convey the English Meaning.

    सुवर्णपुष्पां पृथिवीं चिन्वन्ति पुरुषास्त्रयः।
    शूरश्च कृतविद्यश्च यश्च जानाति सेवितुम्॥

    The three pluck the earth flowering wealth,(or they make the earth to yield golden flowers). the valorous,the scholar and the one who knows to serve others.

    In other words, they themselves pluck the golden flowers of the earth.


  2. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your website and detailed information you offer. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.


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