जोन-फेयरफेक्सवर्यः (John Fairfax)

जोनवर्येण एकलेन अरित्राभ्यं नौकायां (in a boat with oars) एटलान्टिक-महासागरः अतिक्रमितः (crossed the Atlantic ocean). तदा एपोलो-११-खधूपस्य अन्तरिक्षयान्त्रिके अवदन्
Yours, however, was the accomplishment of one resourceful individual, while ours depended upon the help of thousands of dedicated workers in the United States and all over the world. As fellow explorers, we salute you on this great occasion.
जोनवर्यः ८-फेब्रुरी-२०१२तिथौ दिवं गतः।

२०१२-०२-२१ मङ्गलवासरः (2012-02-21 Tuesday)