दीनानुकम्पनदासवर्यः (Dina Anukampana Das)

अद्य सायंकाले अहं दीनानुकम्पनदासवर्येण सह मिलितवान्। सः अद्भुतः पुरुषः अस्ति। सः संस्कृतभाषायाः वर्णानां सम्यग् उच्चारणं शिक्षयति। सः रोमनलिप्याः एव उपयोगं करोति। तेन गीतायाः सर्वाः श्लोकाः रोमनलिप्यां लिखिताः एकस्मिन् पुस्तके प्रकाशिताः च (http://gitajayanti.ning.com/video/sample-of-dinas-gita-slokas)। सः हरेकृष्णा इति सम्प्रदायस्य सदस्यः अस्ति। अहं तेन मिलित्वा अतीवप्रसन्नः अभवम्।  तस्य जालपत्रमस्ति – http://sites.google.com/site/dinaanu/

२०१०-०९-२४ शुक्रवासरः (2010-09-24 Friday)


5 thoughts on “दीनानुकम्पनदासवर्यः (Dina Anukampana Das)

  1. dear himanshuji,

    namaste. it was an absolute pleasure to meet you, and i relished every moment with you! thank you for your kind words posted on this forum. I’d like to inform all in this forum that they may also freely download a soft copy of my book Srimad Bhagavad Gita Slokas For Daily Recitation in simplified romanized sanskrt format via this link http://www.dinasgitabook.on.to

    They may also download all 18 Chapters of the Gita in MP3 format, sung in a simple nursery-rhyme tune from the bottom of the main page on http://www.gitajayanti.org

    Lord willing, we shall meet again in Canberra sometime, and I look forward to that! Hare Krsna!

    yours sincerely,

    (presently in Bali, Indonesia)


  2. Hare Krishna Himanshu ji. Namaste! I would like to inform you we have recently launched the Gita in Karaoke format, where the text is animated along with the singing, and both the speed and key of playback can be changed to suit a beginner or an expert. It makes singing the gita really fun. Please share it with everyone. http://www.gitajayanti.ning.com (look for Karaoke Gita links.) Thank you. I pray this msg finds you and your dear ones in the best of health and in blissful krishna consciousness.


      1. dear himanshu ji,

        namaste. thank you for your kind message which is most encouraging for me. i too would love to see that happen, ji. the free software is very easy to use, and i have already prepared the guidelines for how to do it – it was based on those guidelines that one of the volunteers in our http://www.gitajayanti.ning.com social network produced most of the chapters. If you might know someone who is familiar enough with the devanagari text (sadly i am not yet proficient in it at all… one of my future goals, surely!), i cd help guide them – getting the text in devanagari (unicode format) is not so difficult.. but i am not sure how much difficulty would be faced in getting the syllables to break at the right time.. I wd be glad to share my knowledge of this software with such a volunteer and we could try.. Presently i do not have the time to work on it… But I shall certainly keep it in view. Hare krishna.

        yours in service
        of sri guru, sri gauranga & sri govinda,



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