व्रणेन दिवं गता (Death with Cancer)

अस्माकं मित्रस्य भार्या प्रेमवर्या सोमवासरे व्रणेन दिवं गता। सा अद्वितीया महिला आसीत्। अन्तकालतः सा प्रसन्नचित्ता आसीत्। तस्याः शान्त्यै अहं प्रार्थनां करोमि।

२०१०-०१-१३ बुधवासरः (2010-01-13 Wednesday)


3 thoughts on “व्रणेन दिवं गता (Death with Cancer)

  1. Himanshu-bhai,

    I’m not sure if ‘vraNa’ is really a fitting translation for ‘cancer’. The word ‘vraNa’ is glossed by the Lexicon as ‘wound’, ‘ulcer’, ‘abscess’,’boil’, ‘scar’, ‘tumor’, ‘cancer’ etc. But it is really seen in literature as ‘wound’.

    Is this word being commonly used for cancer or cancerous tumor now?


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