भारतीयछात्रेषु आक्रमणानि (Attacks on Indian Students)

मेल्बोर्ननगरे भारतीयछात्रेषु गतदिवसेषु अनेकानि आक्रमणानि अभवन्। इदं कथं भवति अहं न बोधामि। अत्र जनाः भारतीयजनेषु स्निह्यन्ति। पुरा यदा भारतदेशस्य प्रतिमा निर्धन-दुर्बल-राष्ट्रस्य रुपे आसीत् तदा अत्र जनाः दयाभावेन अपश्यन् किन्तु न द्वेषभावेन। भारतीयछात्राः कठोरपरिश्रमं कुर्वन्ति कोऽपि बाधान् अकुर्वन्तः वसन्ति। अहं मन्ये याः जनाः आक्रमणानि कुर्वन्ति ते चोराः अपराधिनः च सन्ति।

२००९-०५-३१ रविवासरः (2009-05-31 Sunday)

One thought on “भारतीयछात्रेषु आक्रमणानि (Attacks on Indian Students)

  1. Attempt at English translation:

    In Melbourne city, there have been many attacks on Indian students. Why they happened, I don’t know. Here people love Indian people. Sometime in the past, the image of India was of a weak and poor country, then here people used to see (us) with mercy, but there was no enmity. Indian students work very hard (couldn’t translate the rest of this sentence). My belief is that the people who carried out these attacks are thiefs and criminals.


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