शोधपत्रं निरीक्षितम् (Reviewed Research Paper)

मम छात्रेण जाहङ्गीरेण सह अहम् एकं शोधपत्रं लिखामि स्म। गत मासात् आवां तस्मिन् शोधपत्रे सन्शोधनं कुरुतः। अद्य मया तत् शोधपत्रम् अन्तिमवारे निरीक्षितम्। अद्य प्रभृति जाहङ्गीरः शोधकार्यम् अग्रे नेष्यति।

२००९-०५-२५ सोमवासरः (2009-05-25 Monday)

One thought on “शोधपत्रं निरीक्षितम् (Reviewed Research Paper)

  1. Attempt at English translation:

    I wrote a research paper with my student Jahangir. Last month we (?) made edits to his research paper. Today I reviewed that research paper for the last time. (I couldn’t translate the last sentence)

    Words I couldn’t understand:


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