इत्यालोच्य (Having Considered)

 हितोपदेशे संधिः इति भागे षष्ठीकथायाम् अस्ति – इत्यालोच्य स कुलीरस्तस्य ग्रीवां चिच्छेद (Having considered this that crab cut his throat)। चिन्तयित्वा इति स्थाने आलोच्य इति अपि उपयोक्तुं शक्यते।

२००७-१०-३१ बुधवासरः (2007-10-31 Wednesday)

4 thoughts on “इत्यालोच्य (Having Considered)

  1. The greater point, surely, is that no one guilty of a property crime (aside from aggravated burglary, perhaps) should be sent to jail at all?I'm sure both these offenders, in their own way, have much they could contribute to the community to repay it for their crimes and, perhaps, recompense their victims. Neither belongs in jail.And, in the community, they'd both have access to whatever support (mandated in the sentence, if necessary) they are considered to need to rehabilitate.


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