मद्यपीतः (Three sheets to the wind)

आङ्ग्लभाषायां अनेकानि लघुवाक्यानि (phrases) सन्ति। तेषाम् three sheets to the wind इति अस्ति एकं लघुवाक्यं यस्य अर्थो मया न ज्ञातः । तस्यार्थोऽस्ति येन मद्यं पीतम् (drunk – After the party he was three sheets to the wind.)।

२००७-१०-३० मङ्गलवासरः (2007-10-30 Tuesday)

2 thoughts on “मद्यपीतः (Three sheets to the wind)

  1. Hello

    Talking of being three sheets to the wind, reminded me of a chapter in Valmiki Ramayana…The Monkeys are returning after locating Sita…They are overjoyed….And they enter Sugrivas pleasure garden and they get three-times-three sheets to the wind…Some verses describing that state, are given below in iTrans format

    gaayanti kecit praNamanti kecin |
    nR^ityanti kecit prahasanti kecit |
    patanti kecit vicaranti kecit |
    plavanti kecit pralapanti kecit || 5-61-14

    parasparam kecit upaashrayante |
    parasparam kecit atibruvante |
    parasparam kechidupabruvante |
    parasparam kechidupaaramante || 5-61-15

    drumaat drumam kecit abhiplavante |
    kShitau naga agraan nipatanti kecit |
    mahii talaat kecit udiirNa vegaa |
    mahaadruma agraaNi abhisampatante || 5-61-16

    gaayantam anyaH prahasann upaiti |
    hasantam anyaH prahasann upaiti |
    rudantam anyaH prarudann upaiti |
    nudantam anyaH praNudann upaiti || 5-61-17

    samaakulam tat kapi sainyam aasiin |
    madhu prapaana utkaTa sattva ceShTam |
    na ca atra kashcin na babhuuva matto |
    na ca atra kashcin na babhuuva tR^ipto || 5-61-18


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