धनर्णगुणने (Multiplying positive and negative terms)

अथ धनर्णगुणने सूत्रमार्यार्धम् -ऋणयोर्धनयोर्घाते स्वं स्यदृणधनहतावस्वम्॥९॥

Positive and negative term multiplication half of the sutra (in Aarya metre) –

In multiplication (घाते) of two positive terms or two negative terms (ऋणयोः घन्योः) the result is positive (स्वं स्याद्), multiplying one positive term and one negative term (ऋणधन) the result of multiplication is negative (हतौ अस्वम्).

२००७-०४-२९ रविवासरः (2007-04-29 Sunday)

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